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She loved nursing but hated her job. After realizing she was suffering from burn out, nurse Jenney Floyd decided to create "Next Level Nursing" to help nurses combat burn out, advocate for themselves, up their negotiating skills, and find a creative outlet and safe place to express themselves. Check out this podcast and level up with nurse and founder of Next Level Nursing, Jenney Floyd!

My next guest is the badass RN and Founder of Next Level Nursing, Jenney Floyd! She is a Registered Nurse with 10 years of experience in SICU and ER. She’s been a charge nurse, team lead, and preceptor. She’s a great nurse… actually, she’s a fantastic nurse.

But she spent the last year hating her job. She LOVED being a nurse, just hated her job. So she made some changes and she learned some things along the way. She made a solid decision that she was not going to spend another second unhappy in her career. Now, she’s laser focused on the next level of her nursing career.


Jenney Floyd is the founder of Next Level Nursing which is an organization that elevates, educates, and empowers nurses to be the best that they can be at the bedside. She holds conferences for nurses that are designed to not only educate, but also to CELEBRATE nurses. In fact, she has an event coming up October 14-15th and the lineup is amazing.

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