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When we all look back on the pandemic one day, I hope we will see that leading orgaizations showed up for the people who always show up for us —I want us to all proudly say that we backed nurses.


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I am so glad I had an opportunity to attend this conference! With the little I knew before hand I figured this would be different than other nursing conferences I have attended in past, but I didn't at all expect what I walked away with! The NLN conference wasn't just for my nursing skills, it was to highlight, encourage and provide the insight and tools for me to be able to continue do what I love professionally without sacrificing who am as a whole, personally. I left there with a different perspective and ready to instantly make the adjustments needed to keep focus on why I got into nursing and how to get the most out of it. I look forward to attending the next one!


- Shanika T., RN




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